The Kelly Family Story

In 1867 our forefathers came to Australia to make a better life.
They settled in Victoria and toiled to establish farms to support their families.


1st GENERATION (1804-1889)

Ireland suffers the Potato Blight famine. Bernard, Rose and their 6 surviving children migrated to Australia and start farming in 1867.

2nd GENERATION (1852-1924)

Bernard II marries Catherine in 1879, buys acreage in Cheltenham and they have 4 sons, one of whom they name Bernard.

3rd GENERATION (1882-1976)

Bernard (Ben) Francis Kelly buys land and expands the business in the early 1900s. He and Maggie have 6 children.

4th GENERATION (1918-2011)

Brothers Joseph (Joe pictured) and Frank, and Joe's 9 sons continue growing vegies on the original farm. Expands to Rosebud and Dandenong.


1982 Joe buys into Cranbourne. Leo and Kevin farm in Dandenong from 1967 then purchase land in Yarrawonga in 1990.


Leo's sons Richard and James and Kevin's son Ben now operate the Yarrawonga farm, the backbone of Kelly Bros.